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Cosmetic Vacations Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cosmetic Vacations with operations based in Los Cabos Baja California Sur. Plastic Surgery Mexico arranges Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry with world-renowned Plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery Mexico brings the potential medical tourism traveller in touch with the plastic surgeonsin Cabo San Lucas, making it easier for the client to locate a physician he feels confident with. CosmeticVacations will provide you with a hand in preparing your journey, acquiring a private assessment with one particular with the physicians, planning your trip, and naturally we'll be there for you personally, even though your stay in Los Cabos Mexico.

Our Cosmetic Vacations acts like the multi-lingual secretary for the medical doctors here in Cabo San Lucas, keeping a rapidly and organized communication inside the relation amongst the client and the medical doctor. From its starting, Cabo Cosmetic Vacations has expanded its horizons to involve Cosmetic Dentistry, and a lot more not too long ago, Ophthalmology, Bariatric Surgery and Permanent Hair Transplantation surgery which are all within the interest for the medical tourism traveler.

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Our Mission.
We, at Plastic Surgery Mexico, believe it's important for you personally, our prospective clients, to be clear about a couple of crucial facts concerning Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

Firstly, Plastic Surgery Mexico is operating for you personally and not for the physicians!

Our highest priorities are Superior and Safety! We anticipate that these are the incredibly identical issues on your mind when contacting us. Plastic Surgery Mexico spends a great deal of time and work in researching the most beneficial surgeons, medical teams and hospitals for you personally. Our most important aim is usually to provide services that outcome in content, happy customers.

Secondly, Plastic Surgery Mexico connects our customers with surgeons and medical facilities that match or exceed their top counterparts within the USA and Europe.

In comparison with highly qualified surgeons from the USA and Europe, the surgeons we operate with present comparable services with costs, offered by means of CosmeticVacations , among 30-50% less. We ask which you tend not to confuse our surgeons and procedures with low price tag gives advertised in newspapers and magazines for cosmetic surgeries, that are often performed by much less qualified doctors. Surgery is really a serious matter, it should really not be a selection determined by who can do it the "cheapest"!

It serves us all to think about the reality that the least expensive rates aren't typically an indication from the highest excellent services. Surgery is just not affordable and in case you desire the highest normal of therapy with globe renowned surgeons, one can only expect to pay a fair price tag - for instance the services obtainable viaPlastic Surgery Mexico .

When comparing our services and good quality of medical care with other medical tourism destinations, our clients will comprehend the value difference is normally not that substantial. Your cosmetic holiday must be viewed as an investment in your beauty and safety even though undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure that can enhance your lifestyle, not as an opportunity to experience plastic surgery for any low value.

We look forward to welcome you inside the close to future to show you what a distinction a Plastic Surgery Mexico expertise could be.


The staff at Plastic Surgery Mexico

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